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Finding the best limo service in Miami area is not easy because there are quite a few to choose from. However, if you want to get the best experience, then you must ride with the best and our company is exactly that. We are not saying that because we think we are the best, but because we know that we are the best. We know through our clients that we have been working with in the past that we are offering some of the best limo services in the area. There are plenty of various reasons why we are considered by the people to be the best limo service.

One of those reasons is probably the most important factor that every limo service must have and that is a luxury. We have put a lot of effort and thought into making our limo service extremely luxurious. We know how important it is for our clients to have a luxurious ride in a limo.  Of course, a limo ride in itself is luxurious, but there are a lot of things that we have specially added in that will make your ride with us unique and even more luxurious.

Throughout the many years, we have been working as a limo service in Florida, we have gathered a lot of experience. That experience is now very important to our success because we use that experience to our advantage to provide even better and more quality service to all clients. No matter what is the occasion for what you need the limo, we will make sure that you are not disappointed with the quality of our services. through these many years, we never had a client that was not satisfied with our services and that only assures us that we are doing a great job and that we are on a good way to become the best limo service in the whole world. If you want to know more about us, click here to learn more about our services.

You have the option to choose from six different types of limos. You can’t find that kind of an offer anywhere else. Therefore, if you don’t want to get the regular limo that is everyone using, you can get something different and stand out. Of course, your decision is depending on how many people will be riding inside the limo because some of the limos have a limited number of seats. In case your group of friends cannot fit inside one limo that you like, you can get two of the same type. If you don’t like the idea of splitting up the group for the ride, then we suggest that you get a larger limo that will fit your needs. We promise that every limo has the same type of luxury.

These limos are completely the same, other than their appearance and number of seats, the entire experience will be the same. We want to make every client happy, that’s why we have so many options available to choose from.

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Welcome to the blog pages of “Travel Red Sea”, the yachting company passionately dedicated to providing you with vacation experiences that truly matter and last.

If you are considering setting sail from Miami coast, sightseeing all the attractive places of Florida, Bahamas or even some distant places, here you will come across seducing ideas and affordable tours via any of beautiful yacht models from out rich fleet.

“Travel Red Sea” is a top yachting company in Miami renting yachts of all kinds for various occasions, but also providing different touristic services, as well as smaller maintenance services of yachts for all yacht owners out there.


We have combined our experience, professionalism, knowledge and innovative approaches with our passion, lust for adventures at the blue waters and love for all kinds of powerful, beautiful boats. It resulted in a company with tradition of high-quality services and thousands satisfied clients who rented our yachts, sailed for a trip, enjoyed some memorable moments and left with unforgettable memories.

Our yachting company covers complete Miami coast. We will take you to astonishing cruise in South Beach, Fisher Island, Biscayne Bay or Bahamas, but we can also arrange a long distance cruising via many of our luxury yachts.

Assortment of our services will certainly meet your standards

women-laying-on-chair-on-cruise-deck-420Our clients come to us with numerous different wishes and needs, and so far we have managed to meet their expectations almost always. So, whether you are looking for a yacht to adventurous weekend party with a friend or to spend the calm and pleasant holiday with your family or a yacht to take you far away from Miami to the ten days long cruising, you will find it in our fleet. Many customers rent a yacht to celebrate some important and special moment, such as a wedding, anniversary, birthdays or to organize Congress with colleagues. Others are interested in smaller sports models of yachts so that they can go swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, fishing or animals observing. Finally, there are many clients, couples the most, often interested in overnight tours at some of our romantic yachts that will take them to some of the most exotic islands for one night.

Mutihulls-MAIN-628x400At the following pages of our blog, you will find the list of all kinds of tours we arrange. This includes staying at open sea for several days, short trips to nearby islands, charters with zoo and fishing involved or short term renting for one night tours or celebrations.

Depending on the tour you choose, our rich fleet offers luxury yachts, sports models, cozy family boats or exotic, powerful yachts for a group of people.

Catch a wave, book a yacht

At the bottom of the webpage, you will find all the contact details, but you can also use our online application to book your tour and choose the desired yacht. Use the calendar of our tours to pick the dates that suit your schedule. All our vessels are regularly serviced and certified, and all our captains, and members of the crews are licensed. Most of our tours include several activities at a unique price, but some activities and services are extra charged.

Go through the pages of our blog, gather all the information you need and we’ll see you soon ready to set sail with us.

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You are planning a vacation on a cruise ship? How about chartering a private yacht for your own use? You might not know this but you can charter a yacht for your personal use. This private yacht comes with your own private crew that will handle the sip. This staff is likely composed of a captain, as well as a number of other trained crew-members. What you also might not know is that chartering a yacht doesn’t nessassarily cost a living. In fact it sometimes is even cheaper than taking a vacation on a cruise ship. Travel Red Sea is the top yacht company in Miami, FL.


Would you be able to go swimming in the ocean when taking a vacation on a cruise ship? Will you be able do do water-skiing with that cruise ship? Will you be able to stop the cruise ship at a nice beach on some lonely island? Of course not, these are things that you only can do when chartering your private yacht. You can literally do whatever you want, you are your own boss for the whole vacation. Choose Travel Red Sea.

2920788Privacy at the first place

What about the privacy on a private yacht? Well, the yacht crew is there but they are advised to give you privacy. The privacy is actually huge in comparison to the privacy on a cruise ship. The romantic part of chartering a yacht shouldn’t be overlooked here. In fact, the deck of a private yacht makes the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening of dining and dancing.

As already mentioned above, you will get a crew with your private yacht. This has one big advantage in regards of sightseeing and finding nice places: The crew has already been at the most places and may be able to offer you suggestions. Once you have decided that you are going to charter a private yacht, you will need to find a company to do business with. Before you are chartering your private yacht, you need to decide where you would like to vacation in.

887db7fce9c2d39862f5cfc5c2556724Insurance is a must

Private yachts are available for charters all around the world and it is cheaper for you to get one right where you want to spend your vacation. This is important because you can’t travel with your private yacht all the way from Florida to Australia.A very important aspect of chartering a private yacht is the insurance that you get with it. Many people mistakenly believe that when chartering a private yacht, they are covered by the private yacht chartering company’s insurance.  The reality is that the insurance of the yacht company does not protect you or your belongings.

If you are taking a longer trip, then you should consider to get your own insurance for that vacation. Not only you want to get an insurance that covers accidents but also you want to make sure that your travel insurance covers all baggage that gets lost, stolen, or damaged.

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